Discover Manhattan’s Premier Party Venues: Celebrate in Style


In the city that never sleeps, celebrations are a way of life. Manhattan, known for its grandeur and allure, offers a plethora of venues to host events, but there’s one place that has captured the hearts of many: Pico De Gallo. As we journey through Manhattan’s premier party venues, let’s delve deep into why Pico De Gallo stands out as the ultimate destination to celebrate in style.

The Grandeur of Manhattan’s Party Venues

New York City’s iconic borough, Manhattan, is home to world-class establishments that offer exceptional experiences. Amidst the glitz and glamour, party venues need to bring something truly special to the table to stand out, and that’s precisely where Pico De Gallo shines.

Pico De Gallo: The Epitome of Elegance and Extravagance

1. Prime Location in Manhattan
Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, Pico De Gallo’s strategic location makes it easily accessible for guests from all parts of the city, setting the stage for a memorable event right from the onset.

2. Versatile Spaces for Every Occasion
Whether you’re hosting an intimate birthday bash or a grand engagement party, Pico De Gallo offers spaces tailored for every occasion. Their venues seamlessly blend modern design with classic charm, embodying the spirit of Manhattan.

3. Gourmet Delights for Discerning Palates
Beyond its breathtaking venues, Pico De Gallo prides itself on its culinary expertise. Every dish is crafted with precision, ensuring your guests are treated to an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

4. Professional Event Management
The team at Pico De Gallo goes above and beyond to ensure that every event is executed flawlessly. From decor to entertainment, they have seasoned professionals handling every aspect, making sure your Manhattan party is the talk of the town.

Real Experiences: Testimonials from Manhattan’s Elite

“Choosing Pico De Gallo as our engagement party venue was the best decision we made. The ambiance, the food, and the impeccable service made it a night to remember!” – Cassandra L., a Manhattan resident.


“Manhattan has no shortage of party venues, but Pico De Gallo offers something truly special. It’s not just a venue; it’s an experience!” – Richard M., an event planner based in Manhattan.


When it comes to celebrating in Manhattan, settling for ordinary is not an option. Pico De Gallo, with its unmatched offerings and commitment to excellence, has firmly established itself as Manhattan’s premier party venue. So, the next time you’re looking to celebrate in style, you know the place to be.

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Pico De Gallo: Elevating Manhattan’s Dining Experience with Every Plate


The eclectic and bustling dining scene of Manhattan has a gem that stands out, not just for its flavors, but for its holistic dining experience. Pico De Gallo, a landmark in the heart of the city, is redefining what it means to dine out in Manhattan. Let’s embark on a journey to discover how Pico De Gallo is elevating the Manhattan dining experience with every plate.

A Legacy of Culinary Excellence in Manhattan

From the cobblestone streets of historic neighborhoods to the towering skyscrapers, Manhattan is a blend of the old and the new. Pico De Gallo, with its rich culinary lineage, mirrors this blend, offering traditional dishes with contemporary twists, making it a favorite spot for both locals and visitors.

The Pico De Gallo Distinction

1. Authenticity on a Plate
Every dish at Pico De Gallo speaks of authenticity. The ingredients, sourced both locally and from the heartlands of Mexico, ensure that diners get a genuine taste of Mexican cuisine without leaving Manhattan.

2. Culinary Innovation
While respecting traditions, Pico De Gallo isn’t afraid to innovate. Their chefs, trained in classic techniques yet having a modern outlook, craft dishes that are both familiar and novel.

3. Ambiance Like No Other
A diner’s experience isn’t just about the food. The ambiance at Pico De Gallo, with its warm hues, artistic decor, and soft melodies, makes dining a multisensory experience.

Signature Dishes that Define the Manhattan Dining Scene

1. Tantalizing Tacos
With a plethora of fillings and hand-made tortillas, the tacos at Pico De Gallo have become the talk of the town. Whether it’s the succulent carne asada or the vibrant veggie variant, there’s a taco for every palate.

2. Enchiladas to Enthrall
Layered with flavors and draped in rich sauces, the enchiladas here are a symphony of flavors, earning accolades from even the most discerning diners of Manhattan.

3. Contemporary Creations
From fusion dishes that marry Mexican flavors with global ingredients to seasonal specials, Pico De Gallo ensures that the Manhattan dining scene is always abuzz with excitement.

Feedback from Manhattan’s Avid Diners

“In a city brimming with dining options, Pico De Gallo stands out for its commitment to authentic flavors
and an unparalleled dining experience.” – Anthony R., a Manhattan food critic.

“Every visit to Pico De Gallo is a culinary adventure. From their classics to the innovative dishes, it’s a treat for the senses!” – Laura, a regular patron.


In the illustrious tapestry of Manhattan’s dining establishments, Pico De Gallo shines as a beacon of culinary excellence. With every plate, they not only serve food but also a rich heritage, a story, and an experience that elevates the essence of dining out in Manhattan.

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A Perfect Setting for Group Dinners and Birthday Celebrations at Pico De Gallo


Manhattan, a bustling hub of global cuisines and epicurean delights, offers myriad choices when it comes to dining. Yet, when the occasion demands a harmonious blend of vibrant ambiance, tantalizing flavors, and impeccable service, Pico De Gallo stands tall as the preferred destination. Let’s explore why this gem is the ultimate setting for group dinners and memorable birthday celebrations.

The Manhattan Dining Scene: Why Pico De Gallo Shines Bright

Nestled amidst the culinary tapestry of Manhattan, Pico De Gallo has garnered acclaim for its exceptional dining experience. Its reputation isn’t merely tied to its dishes; it’s an ensemble of authenticity, atmosphere, and the art of bringing people together.

Key Ingredients to Pico De Gallo’s Group Dining Success

1. Spacious and Dynamic Seating
Catering to groups requires space, but not just any space. Pico De Gallo offers seating arrangements that maintain intimacy while accommodating larger parties. Whether it’s a long table for family reunions or cozy circular setups for close-knit friends, the restaurant adapts seamlessly.

2. Tailored Group Menus
Understanding that group dinners and birthday celebrations can have varied preferences, Pico De Gallo curates specialized menus. From vegan options to meat lover’s delights, there’s something for everyone.

3. Expertise in Handling Special Requests
Celebrating a birthday? Need a custom cake or a surprise element? The team at Pico De Gallo is experienced in ensuring every special request is met with enthusiasm and excellence.

An Immersive Culinary Journey for Every Group

1. Signature Dishes to Share
Pico De Gallo takes pride in its array of dishes that are perfect for sharing. Dive into generous platters of nachos, tacos, and quesadillas, ensuring that every member gets a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine.

2. Beverage Packages for Every Taste
From non-alcoholic refreshments to a diverse range of cocktails and mocktails, the beverage menu is crafted to quench the thirst of every diner in a group setting.

3. End on a Sweet Note
Birthday celebrations demand desserts, and Pico De Gallo doesn’t disappoint. With a dessert menu featuring classics like churros and innovative creations, the sweet endings are always memorable.

Rave Reviews

“We celebrated my daughter’s 21st birthday at Pico De Gallo. The ambiance, food, and attention to detail were beyond our expectations!” – Christina M., a Manhattan local.

“Organizing group dinners in Manhattan can be challenging. But at Pico De Gallo, everything from reservation to the final toast was smooth.” – Nathan, a corporate executive.


In the heart of Manhattan, where dining options are plentiful, Pico De Gallo emerges as a beacon for those seeking the perfect setting for group dinners and birthday celebrations. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s an experience, a sentiment, a memory in the making. At Pico De Gallo, every group dinner turns into a celebration and every birthday becomes an unforgettable event.

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Reimagine Date Night: Top Dinner Restaurants in Manhattan


Manhattan’s skyline isn’t the only thing that sparkles at night. Its culinary landscape, illuminated by starrated restaurants and bustling eateries, makes the city a haven for food enthusiasts. Among this galaxy of dining spots, Pico De Gallo has etched its mark as a top dinner restaurant, especially for those romantic date nights.

Why Manhattan Is The Ultimate Culinary Destination

New York City, with Manhattan at its heart, has long been a melting pot of cultures. This diversity is beautifully mirrored in its culinary scene. Whether you’re craving sushi, pasta, or tacos, Manhattan promises a memorable dining experience. But when the evening calls for a mix of ambiance, exquisite flavors, and a touch of romance, Pico De Gallo is a name that stands out.

Pico De Gallo: The Epitome of Manhattan’s Dinner Excellence

1. Exquisite Menu Offerings
From the zesty appetizers to the heartwarming main courses, every dish at Pico De Gallo sings a song of authentic Mexican flavors, made with love and expertise.

2. Ambiance Matters
Soft lighting, intimate seating arrangements, and subtle Mexican decor elements create an ambiance at Pico De Gallo that’s perfect for conversations and building connections.

3. A Wine and Beverage List to Impress
No dinner date is complete without the right drink in hand. Pico De Gallo boasts a curated list of wines and signature cocktails that complement their dishes flawlessly.

Special Features for Date Nights

1. Chef’s Special Date Night Menu
Pico De Gallo often curates special menus tailored for romantic dinners. Think dishes that can be shared, paired with drinks that spark conversations.

2. Live Music Evenings
Occasionally, the restaurant hosts live music nights, where the soothing tunes of a guitar or the passionate beats of Latin music elevate the dining experience.

3. A Dessert Menu to Fall in Love With
From traditional churros with a twist to modern takes on Mexican dessert classics, the sweet endings at Pico De Gallo make every date night memorable.

What Diners Say

“Our date night at Pico De Gallo was unforgettable. The food, the drinks, the music, and the service –
everything was spot-on!” – Alex and Jamie, regulars at Pico De Gallo.

“Choosing a dinner restaurant in Manhattan is challenging given the options, but Pico De Gallo has become our go-to. It’s the perfect blend of great food and romantic ambiance.” – Mia, a Manhattan-based lifestyle blogger.


When the lights of Manhattan twinkle, and the evening calls for a culinary experience that’s both flavorful and intimate, Pico De Gallo emerges as a top choice. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the stories that unfold, the memories created, and the connections deepened. Reimagine your date nights at Pico De Gallo, one of the top dinner restaurants in Manhattan.

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Experience the Flavors of Mexico: The Best Brunch Spots in Manhattan


Manhattan’s brunch scene has been redefined with an undeniable Mexican flair, thanks to establishments like Pico De Gallo. Let’s explore how this iconic spot has elevated the art of brunch, making it one of the must-visit  destinations in the city.

The Rising Popularity of Mexican Brunch in Manhattan

Over the years, Manhattanites have developed a palate that craves variety. The bold and diverse flavors of a Mexican brunch, combining traditional breakfast elements with rich, hearty ingredients, have found a special place in the city’s heart.

The Quintessential Elements of a Memorable Mexican Brunch

1. Flavorful Foundations
From chilaquiles drizzled in vibrant green salsa to hearty huevos rancheros, the foundational dishes of a Mexican brunch at Pico De Gallo are nothing short of spectacular.

2. Artful Accompaniments
Every brunch dish at Pico De Gallo is complemented by an array of accompaniments like refried beans, spicy Mexican sausages, and tangy guacamole, amplifying the dining experience.

3. Beverages that Elevate the Meal
What’s brunch without beverages? Whether it’s the sweet allure of horchata or the tangy kick of a michelada, Pico De Gallo’s drink menu is tailored to enhance your brunch experience.

Pico De Gallo: Manhattan’s Crown Jewel of Mexican Brunch

1. The Location Advantage
Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, Pico De Gallo offers a central location, making it the ideal spot for both residents and tourists to converge and savor a sumptuous brunch.

2. The Chef’s Magic
Under the expert guidance of their renowned chef, Pico De Gallo’s brunch menu is an ever-evolving canvas. Seasonal ingredients, traditional recipes, and a touch of innovation make each visit a unique gastronomic journey.

3. An Atmosphere of Leisure and Luxury
Brunch is as much about the ambiance as it is about the food. The cozy, vibrant interiors of Pico De Gallo, infused with the warmth of Mexican culture, make every brunch outing feel like a mini-vacation.

Reviews from Brunch Enthusiasts

“I’ve traveled extensively through Mexico, and the brunch at Pico De Gallo transported me right back.
Authentic flavors, a relaxed atmosphere, and impeccable service. It’s a brunch lover’s dream.” – Liam,
Manhattan-based travel writer.


“Weekends are incomplete without a brunch visit to Pico De Gallo. Their menu is a delightful surprise every time.” – Sophia, local food influencer.


Brunch is not just a meal; it’s an experience, a ritual. And in the realm of Manhattan’s brunch spots, Pico De Gallo shines bright, offering a slice of Mexico’s rich culinary heritage. As you chart out your brunch adventures in the city, make sure this gem is at the top of your list.

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Pico De Gallo: A Culinary Journey Through Authentic Mexican Kitchen in the Heart of Manhattan


In the radiant kaleidoscope of Manhattan’s culinary world, Pico De Gallo emerges as a luminous star, offering an authentic Mexican kitchen experience. Venture with us into the essence of this extraordinary establishment and discover how it has redefined Manhattan’s gastronomic narrative.

The Genesis: An Embodiment of Passion

The story of Pico De Gallo isn’t just about another restaurant in Manhattan; it’s about a vision. A vision to bring the soulful, traditional flavors of Mexico to the heart of one of the world’s most bustling metropolises.

Unearthing the Secrets of a True Mexican Kitchen

1. Freshness at its Core
A genuine Mexican kitchen is incomplete without fresh ingredients. At Pico De Gallo, every salsa, taco, and burrito begins with fresh produce sourced from trusted local farmers, ensuring a burst of flavor in every bite.

2. Traditional Techniques
From stone-grinding maize for tortillas to slow-cooking meats in earthen pots, Pico De Gallo preserves age old culinary traditions. It’s this authenticity that patrons across Manhattan cherish.

3. A Tapestry of Regional Flavors
Mexico is a vast country with rich culinary diversities. At Pico De Gallo, one can savor the tangy seafood of the Baja coast, the robust flavors of Northern Mexico’s deserts, and the nuanced spices of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Bridging Cultures: Where Mexico Meets Manhattan

1. Aesthetics and Ambiance
Step into Pico De Gallo, and you’re transported to a charming Mexican hacienda. Yet, subtle design elements also pay homage to Manhattan’s iconic architecture, blending two cultures seamlessly.

2. A Celebrated Wine and Tequila Collection
While the food takes center stage, Pico De Gallo’s curated collection of Mexican wines and premium tequilas have garnered acclaim. This collection complements the dishes, offering a harmonious dining experience.

3. Special Events that Spark Conversations

Pico De Gallo is more than just a dining destination. With its regular culinary events celebrating Mexican festivities, it fosters cross-cultural dialogues, making it a hub for cultural exchange in Manhattan.

Testimonials: Voices from Manhattan

“Every visit to Pico De Gallo feels like a mini-vacation to Mexico. The flavors, the ambiance, and the warmth are unparalleled!” – Maria, a Manhattan-based food blogger.


“If you’re seeking the soul of Mexico in the heart of Manhattan, look no further. Pico De Gallo is the
epitome of authentic Mexican cuisine.” – James, a regular patron.


Pico De Gallo is not just another spot on Manhattan’s culinary map. It’s a beacon, a place where gastronomic dreams are realized, and the authenticity of a Mexican kitchen is celebrated. Join us on this voyage and experience the magic firsthand.

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Exploring the Best of Mexican Cuisine in Manhattan at Pico De Gallo


Manhattan, a culinary tapestry, is home to a myriad of global flavors. Among them, Mexican cuisine stands tall, and leading the charge is none other than Pico De Gallo. Join us on this epicurean journey as we dive deep into why Pico De Gallo is hailed as the pinnacle of Mexican cuisine in Manhattan.

A Rich Tapestry of Flavors and Traditions

1. A Legacy of Authenticity
Pico De Gallo is more than just a restaurant. It’s a celebration of Mexico’s rich culinary heritage, curated
and presented in the heart of Manhattan. From the ancient recipes of Oaxaca to the coastal flavors of
Veracruz, every dish here tells a story.

2. Award-Winning Dishes

  • Tacos al Pastor: Recognized by many Manhattan food critics as the definitive taco in the city, these are a blend of marinated pork, fresh pineapples, and zesty spices.
  • Mole Poblano: A complex and luxurious sauce that involves over 20 ingredients and days of preparation, it encapsulates the heart of traditional Mexican cuisine.

3. The Manhattan Edge
While Pico De Gallo pays homage to authentic Mexican recipes, it isn’t afraid to innovate. Dishes are infused with a Manhattan flair, incorporating local produce and trends, ensuring a unique dining experience every time.

A Culinary Hub in Manhattan’s Bustling Landscape

1. Strategically Located
Situated in an accessible part of Manhattan, Pico De Gallo is a beacon for food enthusiasts. Whether you’re a local seeking a culinary adventure or a tourist eager to taste the best Mexican cuisine in Manhattan, its doors are always open.

2. A Star-studded Clientele
Its reputation precedes itself, making Pico De Gallo a frequented spot by celebrities, food critics, and influencers. They all come in search of the famed Mexican cuisine that’s talk of the town.

3. Events and Workshops
Beyond dining, Pico De Gallo elevates the cultural experience by hosting regular culinary workshops. Patrons learn about the intricacies of Mexican cuisine, from tortilla-making to crafting the perfect guacamole.

Why Pico De Gallo Dominates the Mexican Culinary Scene in Manhattan

1. Unmatched Expertise
Boasting a team of chefs trained in the heartlands of Mexico, the expertise is palpable in every dish. Their knowledge, passion, and commitment to authenticity set Pico De Gallo apart.

2. A Symphony of Flavors
Mexican cuisine is renowned for its depth of flavor, and at Pico De Gallo, this symphony is orchestrated to perfection. Spicy, sweet, tangy, and earthy tones dance harmoniously, ensuring an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

3. Consistent Excellence
Through years of service, Pico De Gallo has maintained a consistent benchmark of excellence. Glowing reviews, accolades, and word-of-mouth recommendations underline its position as Manhattan’s premier destination for Mexican cuisine.


In the sprawling culinary landscape of Manhattan, Pico De Gallo stands as a testament to the rich, flavorful, and diverse world of Mexican cuisine. For those seeking the best of Mexican dishes in Manhattan, the journey invariably leads to this iconic establishment.

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Planning a Holiday Bash? Here’s Why Pico De Gallo is Your Ideal Party Venue in Manhattan


The holiday season in Manhattan is nothing short of magical. Snow-capped streets, twinkling lights, and a palpable festive spirit. What better way to embrace this enchantment than by throwing a spectacular holiday bash? And when it comes to hosting such an affair, Pico De Gallo emerges as the venue of choice for discerning Manhattanites.

A Venue Befitting the Festive Season

1. A Festive Wonderland

Pico De Gallo transforms into a festive paradise during the holiday season. Think traditional Mexican ornaments coupled with the glitz of Manhattan holiday lights. It’s an ambiance that captures the warmth of the holidays with a unique cultural twist.

2. Culinary Feasts for the Season

The holidays are synonymous with indulgence, and Pico De Gallo is no stranger to this tradition. Their holiday menu is an inspired fusion of Mexican classics and festive favorites:

  • Pavo En Mole: A roasted turkey bathed in rich mole sauce.
  • Tamales Navideños: Special holiday tamales that resonate with nostalgia and warmth.
  • Buñuelos con Miel: Crispy fritters drizzled with honey, a sweet end to a festive meal.

3. Specialty Cocktails

What’s a holiday bash without cocktails? Pico De Gallo’s mixologists craft holiday-inspired drinks, from the frothy ‘Noche Buena Margarita’ to the spicy ‘Canela y Estrella’, ensuring spirits remain high.

4. Flexible Space Arrangements

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or a grand holiday extravaganza, Pico De Gallo’s layout adapts to fit your needs. The venue boasts private dining areas, a spacious main hall, and an outdoor patio draped in festive lights.

5. Entertainment Options

To elevate the holiday mood, Pico De Gallo offers a range of entertainment options:

  • Live Mariachi: Let the trumpets and violins of a live Mariachi band serenade your guests.
  • Salsa Nights: Engage in a passionate dance session led by professional salsa instructors.

A Seamless Experience

Beyond the venue’s tangible offerings, it’s their dedication to ensuring each event’s success that makes a difference. The event management team at Pico De Gallo takes on the mantle of planning and execution, letting hosts revel in the festivities.


The essence of the holidays is about togetherness, joy, and creating lasting memories. By choosing Pico De Gallo as your Manhattan holiday party venue, you’re not just booking a space; you’re curating an unforgettable festive experience.

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Manhattan’s Top Small Party Venues: A Spotlight on Pico De Gallo


Manhattan, the city that never sleeps, is home to countless venues for celebrations, but not all are created equal. When it comes to hosting intimate gatherings and small parties, the ambience, food, and space matter immensely. Pico De Gallo, an esteemed gem in the heart of Manhattan, has become a favored choice for those in search of the perfect setting for their small-scale soirees.

Why Pico De Gallo Stands Out

1. Cozy yet Sophisticated Ambiance

Stepping into Pico De Gallo, you’re greeted by a harmonious blend of classic Manhattan elegance and vibrant Mexican energy. The warm tones, intricate designs, and plush seating create a welcoming atmosphere that’s both upscale and comforting.

2. Exquisite Culinary Delights

Pico De Gallo’s commitment to authentic Mexican cuisine ensures guests are treated to a gastronomic journey unlike any other. Whether it’s the zesty ‘Guacamole Fresco’ or the melt-in-the-mouth ‘Tamales’, every dish is a testament to the culinary prowess of the chefs.

3. Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding that no two parties are alike, Pico De Gallo offers a range of customization options:
Themed Decor: Whether you envision a tropical fiesta or a classy cocktail night, the venue’s team can tailor the decor to bring your vision to life.
Curated Menus: Beyond the standard offerings, the culinary team is eager to curate a menu that resonates with your event’s theme and your guests’ preferences.

4. Central Location

Positioned strategically in Manhattan, Pico De Gallo offers convenience to attendees coming from all parts
of the city. Moreover, its location in a bustling neighborhood ensures guests have access to additional
entertainment options post-event.

5. Stellar Customer Service

Right from the planning phase to the event’s conclusion, Pico De Gallo’s staff exhibit professionalism and
warmth, ensuring hosts can savor the party without any logistical concerns.

Real Testimonials

“Choosing Pico De Gallo for our anniversary celebration was the best decision. The food, the ambience, and the staff made it a night to remember!” – Alexandra M.

“When I hosted my book launch at Pico De Gallo, I was impressed by their attention to detail and their commitment to making my event a success.” – Leonardo V.


For those in Manhattan seeking a venue that combines charm, gourmet food, and impeccable service for their small party, Pico De Gallo stands unrivaled. It’s more than just a venue; it’s an experience, a slice of Mexico in the heart of Manhattan.

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Why Pico De Gallo is the Perfect Venue for Your Manhattan Engagement Party


Manhattan, with its romantic skyline and electrifying energy, is a dream setting for significant life events, especially engagements. At the heart of this iconic city, Pico De Gallo emerges as the quintessential location for couples to embark on their forever journey together.

A Canvas for Your Dream Event

Every couple has a vision for their engagement party – a theme, a mood, an atmosphere. Pico De Gallo is designed to be a blank canvas, ready to be painted with the colors of your love story.

  • Adaptable Spaces: Whether you dream of an intimate gathering under soft fairy lights or a grand soirée with a live band, Pico De Gallo offers the flexibility to adapt its space according to your needs.
  • Personalized Decor: Your love story is unique, and the venue ensures your party reflects that. With customization options for decor, couples can recreate their dream setting, be it vintage, boho, or contemporary chic.

Engage Your Senses with Culinary Magic

Pico De Gallo believes that a significant part of any celebration is the gastronomic experience. The engagement menu is crafted with love, precision, and a touch of Mexican flair.

  • Menu Selection: From spicy ‘Chile Rellenos’ to delectable ‘Poblano Cream Soup,’ every dish promises a burst of authentic Mexican flavors. And for those looking for a fusion twist, the chefs are always ready to innovate.
  • A Toast to Forever: With a curated selection of wines, champagnes, and signature cocktails, raise a glass to a lifetime of happiness and memories.

A Picture-Perfect Backdrop

In the age of social media, aesthetics matter. Pico De Gallo, with its elegant interiors and ambient lighting, ensures every photo captures the magic of your engagement.

  • Photogenic Corners: From vibrant Mexican murals to sophisticated lounge areas, every corner is a potential backdrop for your engagement album.
  • Professional Assistance: The venue can connect you with some of Manhattan’s best photographers to ensure every moment is captured perfectly.

Ease and Convenience

  • Location Perks: Situated in a prime Manhattan spot, Pico De Gallo ensures easy accessibility for all your guests, with ample parking space and proximity to major transportation hubs.
  • Dedicated Event Planners: To relieve you of the planning stress, Pico De Gallo has a team of dedicated event planners. From sending out invitations to ensuring the event runs smoothly, they’ve got you covered.


Your engagement party marks the beginning of a beautiful chapter in your life. At Pico De Gallo, every effort is made to ensure this chapter starts with love, joy, and a dash of Mexican zest. It’s not just a venue; it’s the beginning of a lifetime of memories in Manhattan.

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