Mexican Brunch NYC

Pico de Gallo Bar & Kitchen Presents:
A Fiesta of Flavors - Your Weekend Mexican Brunch Destination in NYC

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Bottomless Brunch

Every Saturday and Sunday | 12pm to 4pm $35 Per Person | 2 hour limit
Mimosas • Bellinis • Rossinis • Sangria • Margaritas

Brunch with a Mexican Twist

Weekends in New York are meant for leisurely brunches, and Pico de Gallo Bar & Kitchen's Mexican brunch in NYC takes this beloved tradition to a whole new level. We present a menu infused with authentic Mexican
flavors, creating a delightful experience for brunch enthusiasts in the heart of Manhattan.

Specially Curated Mexican Brunch Menu

From delectable breakfast tacos to savory enchiladas, our chefs have crafted a brunch menu that brings Mexican morning favorites right to your plate. Paired with innovative cocktails, our Mexican brunch in NYC
offers something for every palate.

Discover the Richness of Mexican Cuisine

Our brunch menu celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Mexico, featuring classic dishes prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Indulge in Mexican comfort food, perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Experience the best Mexican brunch NYC has to offer, where traditional flavors meet contemporary culinary techniques.

Unforgettable Flavors

  • Breakfast Tacos: Satisfy your taco craving with our selection of breakfast tacos, filled with everything
    from eggs and chorizo to fresh vegetables.
  • Hearty Enchiladas: Our brunch enchiladas are a comforting delight, smothered in rich sauces and
    melted cheese.
  • Specialty Dishes: From chilaquiles to huevos rancheros, explore a variety of Mexican breakfast
    classics that will start your day with a flavorful bang.

Innovative Beverages

Brunch isn't complete without a refreshing drink, and our Drinks Menu showcases a selection of beverages designed to enhance your brunch experience. Whether you prefer traditional Mexican drinks or innovative cocktails inspired by the vibrant flavors of Mexico, we have something to elevate your weekend brunch experience.

The Perfect Pairings

  • Margaritas and Mezcalitas: Enjoy the classic Margarita or explore the smoky depth of Mezcalita.
    These cocktails are perfect companions to our savory dishes.
  • Mexican Coffee: Warm up with our Mexican coffee, a rich blend spiced with cinnamon and served
    with a touch of sweetness.

Vibrant Atmosphere

Our lively ambiance sets the stage for a fun-filled brunch experience. The Mexican pop art that adorns our restaurant adds a vibrant touch, reflecting the festive spirit of Mexican culture. Whether you're enjoying brunch with family or meeting friends, our relaxed environment ensures a delightful experience.

Join the Brunch Fiesta

Pico de Gallo Bar & Kitchen invites you to join our brunch fiesta in Manhattan. Our Mexican brunch in NYC is more than a meal; it's a cultural experience that transports you to the colorful streets of Mexico. We're dedicated to offering our guests a first-class dining experience that blends authentic cuisine with a contemporary flair.

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Reserve your spot today and become part of the best Mexican brunch in NYC. Welcome to Pico de Gallo Bar & Kitchen, where weekend brunch is a celebration of flavor, culture, and joy.