October 27

Discover Manhattan’s Finest Brunch and Lunch Catering Services


Brunches and lunches are more than just meals; they’re social occasions, opportunities to connect, and moments to take a break from the bustling Manhattan life. Whether it’s a corporate team luncheon or a casual brunch with friends, Manhattanites deserve only the best. And in this arena, Pico De Gallo reigns supreme.

The Rise of Brunch Culture in Manhattan

  • Blurring Boundaries between Breakfast and Lunch: Brunches offer the perfect blend of morning meals and hearty lunch dishes. They cater to the late risers and early birds alike.
  • A Social Affair: The ambiance of brunches makes for the perfect social setting – relaxed yet lively.
  • Manhattan’s Love for Variety: With the city’s diverse population, brunch menus need to be versatile. From classic American pancakes to Mexican-inspired egg dishes, variety is the essence of a good brunch.

Pico De Gallo’s Signature Brunch Delights

  • Authentic Mexican Influence: Experience true Mexican flavors with dishes like Chilaquiles, Huevos Rancheros, and more.
  • A Blend of Cultures: While the roots are deeply Mexican, Pico De Gallo’s brunch menu offers a beautiful blend of Manhattan’s diverse taste preferences.
  • Freshness at Its Best: Every dish is crafted with fresh ingredients, ensuring a burst of flavors with each bite.

Lunch Catering – Elevating Mid-Day Meals

In Manhattan, lunch meetings and gatherings are not uncommon. It’s not just about satiating hunger, but also making an impression.

  • Corporate Lunches by Pico De Gallo: A mix of classic and contemporary, the corporate lunch menu caters to a varied audience. It’s professional, pristine, and perfectly palatable.
  • Casual Lunch Gatherings: For those informal get-togethers, Pico De Gallo offers a range of dishes that bring joy to the palate and are perfect for sharing.

Why Pico De Gallo Stands Out

  •  Quality Over Everything: Every dish speaks of unparalleled quality – from ingredients to preparation.
  • Catering Tailored to Needs: Be it a small group or a large gathering, Pico De Gallo tailors its servicesto meet client requirements.
  • A Name Synonymous with Trust: With years of service in Manhattan, Pico De Gallo has built a reputation that stands for trust and excellence.

In Conclusion

Brunches and lunches are more than just about food; they are experiences. And in Manhattan, when seeking  the best in brunch and lunch catering, Pico De Gallo emerges as the clear choice, promising not just a meal,  but a culinary journey.