October 27

Elevate Your Manhattan Event: Top Catering Services for Every Occasion


Manhattan is synonymous with grand events, iconic celebrations, and memorable occasions. Pico De Gallo,  a gem in the heart of the city, understands the pulse of Manhattan’s event scene and offers tailored catering  services to elevate every event.

Manhattan’s Ever-Evolving Event Landscape

  • Diverse Celebrations: From corporate galas to intimate weddings, Manhattan hosts a myriad of events, each demanding a unique touch.
  • Expectations and Elegance: Manhattanites expect nothing but the best. Be it the food’s taste, presentation, or the overall experience, everything has to be top-notch.

Weddings: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

  • A Culinary Tale: Every wedding is a story, and Pico De Gallo ensures the culinary part of that story is unforgettable. From traditional Mexican dishes to modern fusions, the wedding menu is always a  highlight.
  • Personalized Touch: Pico De Gallo’s team consults with the couple to understand their preferences and craft a menu that mirrors their love story.

Corporate Events: Where Business Meets Pleasure

  • First Impressions: In the corporate world, food isn’t just sustenance; it’s a statement. Pico De Gallo crafts menus that impress, ensuring that every dish complements the event’s gravity.
  • Flexibility: From small corporate luncheons to grand year-end parties, Pico De Gallo offers a range of services to fit every business need.

Small Parties: Celebrations with a Big Heart

  • Tailored to Fit: Whether it’s an engagement party or a birthday bash, Pico De Gallo understands that every small party is a grand celebration for the host. The team ensures the menu fits the occasion perfectly.
  • The Pico De Gallo Edge: Beyond the food, it’s the attention to detail, from cutlery to presentation, that makes Pico De Gallo a preferred choice.

A Peek into Some Signature Dishes

  • For the Weddings: The ‘Tres Leches’ cake, a traditional delight, or the modern ‘Churro Sundae’ are crowd favorites.
  • Corporate Galas: The rich ‘Mole Poblano’ or the light ‘Ceviche Tostadas’ ensure there’s a perfect balance.
  • Small Parties: ‘Taquito Platters’ or ‘Guacamole and Salsa Bars’ add fun and flavor to every gathering.


No matter the occasion, Pico De Gallo stands as a beacon of culinary excellence in Manhattan. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and personalization, every event catered by Pico De Gallo becomes a memorable Manhattan tale.