Catering Services Manhattan - Pico De Gallo

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, Pico De Gallo boasts a legacy of culinary excellence that harmoniously blends authentic Mexican flavors with Manhattan's diverse and ever-evolving tastes. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, an intimate gathering, or celebrating a momentous occasion, our catering services promise a gastronomic journey that's unparalleled.

Delve Deeper into Our Catering Offerings

1. Corporate Catering in Manhattan:

Manhattan's business sphere demands perfection and Pico De Gallo delivers just that. Our meticulously crafted menus cater to a myriad of corporate events — be it board meetings, product launches, or seminars.
We ensure that our offerings not only satiate hunger but also serve as conversation starters.

2. Brunch Catering:

Manhattan mornings get a flavor boost with Pico De Gallo's signature Mexican brunch selections. A delicate balance of tradition and modernity, our brunch menu is a testament to our chefs' creativity. Ideal for casual weekends or business brainstorming sessions, our brunch offerings never disappoint.

3. Wedding Catering:

Every couple's dream wedding in Manhattan is made complete with Pico De Gallo's culinary magic. We recognize the importance of this day and craft a menu that tells a story — a reflection of the couple's journey. From elegant cocktail hours to grand reception dinners, every dish is an experience.

4. Small Party and Event Catering:

Manhattan's intimate celebrations deserve a special touch. Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday, a memorable anniversary, or just hosting a close-knit gathering, our curated menu promises an experience that's both unique and memorable.

5. Lunch Catering:

In the fast-paced rhythm of Manhattan, lunchtime is an oasis of calm. Our lunch catering services, with a rich blend of traditional and contemporary Mexican dishes, ensure that this break is both delicious and rejuvenating.

6. Cocktail Catering:

As the sun sets and Manhattan's skyline comes alive, our cocktail catering services promise to make every evening eventful. Our range of beverages, coupled with bite-sized accompaniments, set the mood for any evening gathering.

7. Holiday Party Catering:

Every holiday in Manhattan is a reason to indulge and what better way than with Pico De Gallo's festive menu? Our holiday specials capture the essence of every festival, ensuring that the spirit of the season is celebrated in every bite

8. Engagement Party Catering:

Announce your big day in style with Pico De Gallo's specially curated engagement party menu. As you embark on this new journey, let our dishes be the backdrop of your beautiful memories.

Why Pico De Gallo Stands Out in Manhattan's Catering Scene

  • Legacy of Excellence: With years of unparalleled service in Manhattan, our reputation precedes us.
  • Commitment to Quality: Our dishes stand testimony to our dedication to quality — fresh ingredients,
    time-honored recipes, and a team of skilled chefs.
  • Attention to Detail: Every event is unique, and so is our approach. Our customized menus reflect the
    essence of the occasion.
  • Consistency & Reliability: Our clients vouch for our consistency in taste, presentation, and timely

Client Accolades

"Pico De Gallo transformed our corporate event! Every dish was a masterpiece, encapsulating the rich flavors of Mexico and the sophistication of Manhattan." Oscar Johnson.
"Our guests can't stop raving about the food at our wedding. Pico De Gallo's catering was the highlight!" Wentley Phipps